Acid Wash

Give Your Boat That “Just Like New Look”
With Carveth’s Acid Wash Treatment

Get Rid Of
 Green Water Line – Grunge – Algae Buildup – Zebra Mussels

Acid WashAre you uncomfortable when taking family or friends out on the lake in your boat. Yes that once prized possession that looked great now looks old and shabby with that build up of grunge and algae.  And what’s worse are those darn Zebra Mussels that can do more damage than you might think.

 Zebra mussels can damage boats by covering boat hulls; clogging water systems used in boat motors. Mussels attaching to boat hulls can increase drag, affect boat steering, and clog engines, all of which can lead to overheating and engine malfunctions. Not to mention it can reduce speed by up to 10mph and increase fuel costs.

We know it’s not your fault, it’s the lake.  

But you can restore your boat to looking great and you feeling proud just looking at it tied up to the dock without you having to spend a ton of money on cleaners and spending an entire weekend on trying to do it yourself and not achieving the best results because of the limited functionality of off the shelf cleaners.  

Acid Wash $19.95/ft

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