Consignment Boat Sales

There Are A Number Of Reasons Why You Might Be Looking To Sell Your Boat And/Or Motor

Whatever The Circumstances, Basically, You Have Two Options.

The first one being, you sell it yourself.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. You need comparables, so start searching the web for similar boats and/or motors to yours.
  2. Call the ones you think are comparable to make sure it is equivalent to yours.
  3. If there are similar boats to your that you can drive to and see, do it.
  4. Check the marinas in your area as well to see what they might have in stock and what the going prices are.
  5. Make sure everything is in working order and the motor is running properly.
  6. Make it look as close to new and well kept as possible with a thorough cleaning, waxing and detailing.
  7. Create an ad and put it on as many websites as possible. There are free websites and websites that charge.
  8. Field all the calls, show the boat to potential buyers, some who are interested and some who are just kicking the tires or want something for nothing and haggle on price!


Let Carveth’s Marina sell it for you on consignment.
Here’s what we do for you:

  1. We help you with pricing.
  2. Our service technicians perform our 12-point inspection program to let you know what’s working and what needs repair.
  3. With our boat cleaning and detailing services you don’t have to spend your time, effort and money trying to prepare you boat so you can maximize the sale price.
  4. Your boat/motor is place on our website with pictures and a description.
  5. We have hundreds of boaters you visit Carveth’s Marina every month and we send out a monthly newsletter that includes “Pre-Owned Boats and Motors” and links back to our website.
  6. We deal with prospective buyers and confirm the selling price with you before the sale.
  7. Prospective buyers can be assured that the boat and motor has been checked and certified with our 12-point Inspection and Maintenance Program.  

Bottom Line…It just might be quicker, faster, less expensive and less hassle with Carveth’s Marina Consignment Services.

Consignment Commission Range From 10% to 15%

Call Randy at 647-444-0503 or email him at

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