Groceries & Water

Getting Your Groceries Just Got EASIER on Stoney Lake. You Can Order Water and Groceries From Carveth’s Marina For DELIVERY or PICKUP

No matter if just a few items or a full grocery shopping, just send us an email with your grocery list and we’ll have it ready for you to pick or we’ll deliver your order to your cottage.

Meat, beverages, snacks—whatever is on your list, if we don’t have it we will go into town to the local grocery store and do the shopping for you.

PLUS you can order anything online from parts to Boating Accessories

Our goal is to help you spend more time at your cottage with family and friends.
And less time worrying about your next grocery trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Carveth’s delivery and dockside pickup work?

It is not necessary to reserve a taxi, however you may have to wait if we have pre-arranged bookings happening when you arrive.

How much does the shopping at a local grocery store cost?

6 maximum allowed on pontoon taxi boats, including the driver.

Will I pay the same price for groceries as I would in the store?

6 maximum allowed on pontoon taxi boats, including the driver.

How much is the delivery charge to my cottage?

Currently anywhere from $28.00 to $95.00 (plus tax) depends on where on the lake we are going. This is under review for the up-coming year and may increase by 10% as prices for gas have increased substantially

What about liquor or beer, can you pick up and deliver that as well?

Water taxi’s can pick up and drop off anywhere on the lake. Generally the pick point is at Carveth’s and the drop off point is at peoples cottages

Grocery and/or Water Shopping List

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