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Seasonal Parking Rates 2022 per Vehicle

• Reserved parking spot: $590.00 / Season

• Non-reserved parking spot: $530.00 / Season

• Monthly, weekly and daily non-reserved rates available in store.

Marina at dawn

With 554 Seasonal Parking Spaces, Carveth’s Marina can handle parking for all of your family members, friends and weekend guests. We know that coming up to the cottage usually means bringing up a whole bunch of luggage and extra items…those grocery bags, propane tanks and cases of beer are pretty heavy to be lugging from your car to the boat. That’s why we have our guest pick-up valet service. When you arrive and park your car, just call the office and one of our staff members will come and pick you up, load your luggage, etc. on one of golf carts and drive you down to the dock. 

For added convenience and security there is someone in the office 7 days a week from May 1st until Thanksgiving to assist you. Now that’s Concierge Service with Old Lake Charm!

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