Randy’s Boating Tips

Watercraft Safety Tips To Protect You, Your Family Members and Friends On The Lake

We have all heard of or read of situations that have happened to boaters on the lake, or maybe even you or a fellow cottager has had a personal experience with it. Accidents happen, but there are steps you can take to minimize the risk and perhaps disastrous consequences that can follow. Carveth’s Marina has been helping boaters since 1928 and we take your boating safety seriously and personally. We know most of our customers on a first name basis which makes our customers are part of the Carveth’s Family.

So…there are a number of programs below designed to help both you and your watercraft be safe.
Plus some Boating Tips that you might find helpful.

Randy’s Top 10 Boating Tips

1. Always Inspect Your Boat Prior To Launch.

There are dozens of accidents that happen every year could have been easily prevented simply by spending 5 minutes performing a routine check of your watercraft before starting on the water.

2. Make Sure You Have A Boat Safety Kit.

You should be prepared for an emergency situation. Having these
essentials might just save your life:
    √ Flashlight                √ Duct tape               √ Bucket
    √ First aid kit             √ Whistle                    √ Ropes
    √ Garbage bags        √ Mirror                      √ Fire extinguisher

3. Make Sure Everyone Wears A Life Jacket.

Victims drowned in approximately 80% of fatal boating accidents. Of those, 83% were not wearing a life jacket. As captain of your boat, you are  responsible for the safety of your passengers. The best thing you can do is have everyone wear a life jacket that fits them well.

4. Don’t Overload The Boat With People Or Equipment.

Overloading will unbalance your watercraft and increase the chance of capsizing

5. Follow Proper Docking Procedures.

Wind, waves, currents and your type of boat, can make docking a challenge. Make sure your bumpers are out and reduce your speed.

6. Put Down The Cell Phone.

Cell phones are a distraction! Talking, texting and surfing the new are all contributing factors to boating accidents.

7. Drive at a safe speed and follow all boating safety and navigational rules.

Excessive speed and not being aware of watercraft all around you, can easily lead and/or directly cause boating accidents. Remember this is Stoney Lake, you need to be aware of shoals, rocks, floating objects, and boats behind you..

8. Never Drink Alcohol And Operate Any Type Of Watercraft.

Alcohol is the main factor in fatal boating accidents, causing approximately 15% of the deaths each year. The same rules apply to drinking and driving your car. Every year there are a number of boaters charges with this offense and you don’t want to be one of them.

9. Get Your Boat Professionally Checked And Maintained.

You get your car serviced on a regular basis so it runs at optimal performance and minimizes expensive repairs. Your watercraft sits out half the year. Having it checked out before you put it in the water will save you money and extend the life of your watercraft in the long run.
At Carveth’s Marina we’ll even come out to your cottage for service..

10. Take A Boating Safety Course.

Most boating accidents are caused by operator error. We just take it for granted that we know what to do and boating rules. However other family members or friends who don’t have the same expertise or knowledge as we have, often are on the lake with the boat, sea doo, or sailboat. There are plenty of online courses including ones that are free that you can view online while having a quiet afternoon on the deck.

Bonus Boating Tip:

Sign up for the BAA. Never worry about being stranded or in trouble on the lake. With the BAA help is on the way.  Whether it’s a mechanical failure, you accidentally ran out of gas, hit a rock, someone hit you, or even if your watercraft won’t start and you’re stuck on your dock…we’ll come out and get you started.  And… if we can’t get you going, we’ll tow you in. That’s piece of mind knowing you or a family member has that kind of support, even if you’re not there!

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