Water Taxi Services

We Operate A Safe, Reliable, And Insured Water Taxi, Servicing Upper Stoney, Lower Stoney And Clear Lake.

Our Water Taxi Service Can Be Used For:

• Getting you or your guests to and from your cottage.
• Ideal for cottage renters.
• Picking up and delivering groceries.
• Transporting furniture, appliances, propane tanks, water jugs, BBQs, wood and building materials.
• Garbage removal including disposal of old building material and other junk that’s cluttering up your cottage and property.

Don’t Drink and Drive Your Boat – Be Smart, Be Safe –
Use Our Water Taxi Services Instead.

Even if you’re out for a lunch or dinner on the lake, whether at Viamede or a friend’s cottage and would rather not drink and drive, we’ll pick you up and make sure you get home safely without worrying about get stopped on the lake and your boat and license being taken away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to reserve a day and time?

It is not necessary to reserve a taxi, however you may have to wait if we have pre-arranged bookings happening when you arrive.

How many passengers can the Water Taxi transport?

6 maximum allowed on pontoon taxi boats, including the driver.

How much does the Water Taxi cost?

Currently anywhere from $28.00 to $95.00 (plus tax) depends on where on the lake we are going. This is under review for the up-coming year and may increase by 10% as prices for gas have increased substantially

Where does the Water Taxi pick me up?

Water taxi’s can pick up and drop off anywhere on the lake. Generally the pick point is at Carveth’s and the drop off point is at peoples cottages

How can I pay for my Water Taxi?

Water taxi service can be paid by Master Card, VISA, Interact DEBIT, Cash, E-transfer

Do you do Lake Tours with the Water Taxi Service?

Lake tours are separate from the water taxi service and are costed at $80.00 per hour with a maximum of 6 people including the driver.

Can your Water Taxi transport Boards, Kayaks, Canoes?

One of our pontoon boats and one the utility boats can easily transport boards, Kayaks and canoes. (Max. 2 at a time)

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