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New Boat Training – Boating Safety
– Etiquette – Docking

Boat Operation/Troubleshooting – On-Lake Navigation for Rocks & Shoals

How To Dock a boat when weather conditions on the lake are bad:

High winds and waves that are blowing your boat away from the dock can lead to a very dangerous situation…are you comfortable with all family members being able to handle this type of situation?

Know How To Control Your Wake

Dock a boat
Boast Safety

Who has the right of way?

When do you surrender the right of way to boats coming from your left or right? What about a boat coming from behind to pass you? And it’s not just motorboats! There’s more watercraft on the lake, seadoos, sailboats, not to mention water skiers, wakeboarders and boaters tubing. Making a mistake in judgement can be deadly.

All that’s involved in driving a boat!

Things like:

  • how to read gauges and channel markers what to do in a narrow channel
  • how to back-up and turn a boat
  • how to read navigation charts watercraft etiquette
  • how to troubleshoot a problem when the boat won’t start
  • open water operation: planning and trim
  • crew instructions (lines and knots)
  • man-overboard maneuvers
  • learn How To Overtake a Boat Safely

Managing your wake:

It’s not just about going slow, sometimes that slow speed creates a much bigger wake that can cause some damage. Size of your motor, your boat and speed will determine wake size.

Boating license test preparation and certification courses.  

We’ll provide the training and expert help you
get will need to pass the official boating license course.

Craft operator card

We provide both individual training and group training clinics

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