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Ole Evinrude founded Evinrude Motors of Milwaukee in 1907.
His first production was a 1.5 horsepower, weighing roughly
62 pounds and costs $62.

If you’ve been a boater for a long time, either you’ve owned one or had a fellow boater who had one…
so you know the quality and value in Evinrude.

Carveth’s Marina has been servicing Evinrude motors ever since 1928.

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Even though Evinrude Motors has discontinued production of their outboard motors, parts are still available from the manufacturer, plus we have an inventory of Evinrude parts in stock.

No matter the year or the size of your motor, our trained and certified technicians can diagnose, repair or rebuild your motor so you can get back on the lake enjoying the thrill of the ride.

If you feel somethings not right with your Evinrude motor, or you just want to make sure it’s in top running order drop by the marina or give us a call at 647-444-0503.  

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