Hull Cleaner and Paste Wax

Besides Not Looking Good, Algae And That Green Slime Waterline Is Bad For Your Boat, Here’s Why…

  • Algae can stain your boat if nothing is done over a period of time.
  • Algae can on occasion clog up outboard motors and messy to clean out.
  • When algae and other bacteria growth attaches itself to your boat hull, it can affect the performance and maneuverability of your boat.
  • Algae increases drag, thereby reducing speed and increasing your fuel consumption.
  • If not removed, algae and other bacteria growth can lead to a deterioration of the hull and your boats overall decline.

Hull Cleaner and Paste Wax

It ‘s great to be on the water with your boat surrounded by nature, just soaking up the sights, smells and overall feeling of the lake.

What’s not so great is seeing your boat at the dock with that green water line of gunge and algae buildup.

Depending on how bad the algae and slime buildup is (possible zebra mussels as well)  you may need to start with an Acid Wash

With our Hull Cleaner and Paste Wax Service we will completely clean the hull, deck and inside of your boat to bring it back up to looking fantastic, then add a thick coat of paste wax and leave it on.

The Hull Cleaner takes the tarnish off your boat and the Paste Wax application allows you to easily wipe off the algae buildup later in the season.


Investment: Cost – $70/hour. dependent usually takes 5 hours. On average $550.

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